Industrial Construction

Industrial Construction

Industrial Construction Service

The greatest satisfaction of TVS Consultants is that customers recognize the quality of our work. We work in compliance with the ISO standards, to guarantee quality and safety, as well as our commitment to the environment in all our activities. Our Team work hard to know in real time that the status of each work from the beginning to the delivery, allowing us to control and accelerate our services with total ease. This level of demand with which we work enables us to face the challenges of the most difficult and complex projects.

Save money building a new home and enjoy a minimal cost of ownership.

Our planning processes ensure our clients have the exact information to make decisions at the right time, thus meeting the agreed budget and schedule.

I assure that our service will be the most trusted because our team analyze and sort out every single problems that will affect our clients. Our Team also ensure that our clients receives quality and most affordable services from us.

Vijayakumar G – CEO & Founder TVS Consultants

Vijayakumar G

We are pleased introduce our service of manufacturing metal structures and reinforced beams. We also offer the structure assembly service, including roofing, façade cladding, stairs and metal carpentry.


Our strong engineering and design support capabilities, as well as project management and BIM modelling systems, allow us to offer true end-to-end solutions. We provide high quality new construction services in a wide range of sectors.


We are aware that downtime in the company translates into loss of customers and billing, so we intervene quickly and effectively in cases of claims or reforms in which companies forced to stop their production. We study the needs of each client in a personalized way and provide solutions for the expansion, rehabilitation and adaptation of both industrial buildings and unique buildings.

At TVS Consultants, We are also dedicated to meeting the needs of the industry in India, offering a very wide range of services in the areas of electrical installations, engineering development, infrared thermography studies, and roof maintenance, among others.

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